ADVANCED MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (AMP)                                   This program is not currently available.

HBS Buffalo’s Advanced Management Development program is designed for individuals on a management career track who aspire to general management responsibility.  It is a program that challenges students to learn new tools, assimilate large amounts of information and apply these tools in a focused classroom environment.  In short, the program is designed to train future business leaders.

Key aspects of the program:

  • Scalable: As with Harvard’s MBA program, concepts taught in this class are for business leaders.  But participants are not there yet.  So this course presents tools that are “scalable” – useful now for aspiring managers and later when individuals become business leaders.
  • Practical: This program blends academic theory taught at Harvard Business School with practical experience from real-world business leadership.  Prior to each case discussion, the instructor introduces relevant best practices for the class to debate and refine.  These refined best practices become part of each student’s Best Practices Toolbox.
  • Communication skills: Class size is limited to replicate the communication dynamics in senior staff or board meetings.  Learning to communicate effectively in this environment is a critical skill.
  • Impactful: Those who want to become business leaders must make a big impact at every step in their careers.  Two excellent ways to accomplish this are:
    • Treat each position as a turnaround. Assume that incrementalism won’t do.  Managing turnarounds requires tools also useful for anyone who wants to make a big impact.
    • Recognize the importance of time. Regardless of whether a company moves high-performers every 18 months or 5 years, every minute matters when driving to make a big impact.  Important tools emerge from recognizing the fungibility of time.
  • Intensity: Students are graded in their case analysis and class participation.  Additionally, students are “cold-called” to open cases.  Tools for proper case preparation and opening presentation are thoroughly discussed, evaluated and then applied.  The Top 10% of each graduating class are designated Sherrill Scholars and receive recognition with their reporting manager and CEO.


The program is 10 weeks divided into four sections.

Section 1 introduces tools that analyze and assess context.  WHAT is the situation? – with focus on financial, constituent and operational assessments.

Section 2 offers tools for implementation.  With the context well understood, HOW does one fix it?

Throughout these sections, tools are offered that assess and improve employee motivation.   WHY does a team choose to follow its leader?  While some leadership skills are innate, many can be taught.

Section 3 addresses innovation for mature companies.  Most of what is written about innovation applies to startups.  But different rules apply for mature companies.  Techniques to drive efficient and effective innovation in mature companies are introduced here.

Section 4 presents capstone cases that draw together the course material.  These cases are among Harvard’s most interesting yet challenging offered.


Classes are held Mondays from 6 PM to 9 PM at The Buffalo Club, 388 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. The class runs for 10 weeks from late February to early-May.  Students should expect to spend 3-5 hours or more of preparation each week plus class time.


Wayne Robinson is a retired CEO for private equity (mostly KKR) and with an ESOP for almost 20 years. Wayne started his career with Boston Consulting Group who awarded him a full scholarship to attend Harvard Business School and return to their new Operations Practice Group. After BCG, Wayne worked as a deal-maker for a private equity firm and at General Electric as an operations general manager.


This program is open to individuals who are in or approaching a management position and who aspires to become a senior organization leader.


The fee for the program is $1350. This includes all cases and article reprints. An invoice will be sent to each participant to present to their organization following the selection of students.

As with all HBS Buffalo executive education programs, 100% of tuition less classroom rental, case costs and supplies is donated each year to Buffalo non-profits.

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