The course covers many of the subjects of an advanced degree program but in an abbreviated version.  Apply using the “Management Development Application” link to the left.

“A great variety of cases which covered many appropriate management issues.” Relationship Manager – Commercial Bank

The following topics are covered:

Marketing: If a company is to survive and prosper, it must pay close attention to the needs of the marketplace. Marketing is the company function responsible for matching the capabilities of the company, the needs of customers, and the requisite communication between the two.

Financial Reporting and Control: Accounting is the primary channel for communicating the economics of any business. These cases illustrate how managers use financial information in their decision-making.

Leadership and Organizations: These cases address the human side of the enterprise and how managing relationships become more important than performing tasks as managers gain responsibility for leadership.

Manufacturing and Service Operations: Managing the effective integration of technology, people, and operating systems present critical challenges to business leaders. To achieve a competitive advantage, managers must understand the complex process underlying the development and manufacture of products as well as the creation and delivery of services. At the same time, the systems which create distinctive competencies for the firm today require continuous improvement to stay effective in the

Competition and Strategy: A company obtains a competitive position within its industry when the configuration of its product mix and functional activities generate superior value for customers. The challenge of formulating an effective competitive strategy is to balance the opportunities and risks associated with dynamic changes in industry attractiveness and competitive position.

Ethics: The complexity of organizations and pressures for achievement cause situations in which the individual must make choices based on personal values. These situations will be noted in several cases.

“This course opened my mind to high-level strategic thinking and decision making. This course added a great deal of value to my MBA and work experience. I can be a much better contributor to my company as a result.”  Financial Analyst – Automotive Manufacturer


In addition to the case studies, during some years, class tours are scheduled. These tours provide students the opportunity to view real-world business situations directly. Organizations that have held tours in the past include:

  • Moog Inc.
  • Wilson Greatbatch
  • Amherst Systems
  • Mod-Pac
  • Electroluminescent Systems
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  • M & T Bank
  • Harmac
“The class interaction adds to the learning experience by sharing different solutions to the same problem. Participating or just listening, you can’t help but learn.”  VP – Manufacturing Company


Classes are held each Tuesday from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM at The Buffalo Club, 388 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. The class runs for 12 weeks from late September to mid-December.


There are no educational or management experience requirements for admission. However, to gain the full value of the program, the applicant should have the reading speed and time to cover 20 to 75 pages of casework and articles each week. In addition, the analysis of the cases often requires the use of basic math skills.

“Good case variety. Cases were very applicable and fascinating. I enjoyed the insight that the instructors brought to the various cases.”  IT Director – Large Manufacturer


The fee for the program is $1550. This includes all cases and article reprints. An invoice will be given to the participant to present to their organization following the selection of students

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