Frequently Asked Questions about our programs.

Q: What does it cost?
A: For the in-person sessions of the Management Development Program the fees is $1550 each. For the Not for Profit Program, the fee is $450. For the Health Care Program, the fee is $350. The fee includes all cases and article reprints. An invoice will be sent to each participant to present to their organization.

Q: Do I have to buy any books?
A: All the cases and notes are covered in the tuition.

Q: How do I pay for the course?
A: After we have processed your application, we will send you an invoice to present to your employer.

Q: Can I pay the tuition with a credit card?                                                                              A: Yes, you can request an electronic invoice and pay by credit card.

Q: Where is the classroom?                                                                                                    A: The in-person versions of the Management Development, Health Care, and Not for Profit Programs are all held at the Buffalo Club, 388 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo.

Q: Will I get a Harvard Degree?
A: No. They are non-credit courses, not affiliated with Harvard Business School.

Q: I am considering going for an MBA, should I take the Management Development Program?
A: Yes, this program will give you the opportunity to test your interest in business problems and to test your ability to free up study time. So, these courses offer a low-stress preparation for an MBA, as well as a solid, stand-alone learning experience.

Q: I have an advanced degree already, should I take these programs?
A: Yes, this course is a good continuation of your education. As a case-based course, it is an opportunity to test some of your MBA skills in the case simulation of the real world. Each year we have several MBAs and others with advanced degrees in the course.

Q: How is the Nonprofit Program different from the Management Development Program given in the fall?
A: The cases and discussions are somewhat different between the two programs. The fall program stresses profits and strategy, while the NFP program focuses on Mission and the role of the NFP board.

Q: Who should attend the Not For Profit program?
A: The program is constructed for the board members and CEO (Executive Director, President) of the non-profit organization and people who directly report to that position. Board members will also find the program valuable.

Q: How is the Health Care Program different from the Not For Profit Program?

A: The Health Care Program cases focus on issues related to hospital management,        the NFP Program utilizes a broader range of cases and notes.

Q: Can more than one person from an organization participate in the same class?
A: Yes. While we look for a diversity of organizations in the class, having two students from the same organization enhances the learning for both thru additional discussion.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?
A: No, the program fees cover the cases and the room rental. However, we do offer scholarships to Harvard Business School Executive Education Programs for Non-Profits for graduates of our NFP program.

Q: Is there much reading?
A: Yes, there is. The cases and notes assigned cover 20 to 75 pages each week. Reading a case is like reading a story, a mystery. What is going on here? However, analyzing the case takes more than a single reading. Your classroom learning experience is a function of your pre-class analysis and discussion with others, the more the better.

Q: What happens if I miss classes?
A: If you miss more than one class of the Health Care Program, two classes of the Nonprofit Program, or three classes of the Management Development Program, we may hold your certificate until you make up the missed classes during the next session.

Q: I’m interested, but I have more questions.
A: Call or e-mail Bing Sherrill at rcsjog@aol.com or (716) 885-7132.